2 responses to “Would you attend an in-person secular grief support group?”

  1. dentar says:

    I would, but I am likely the only atheist in Cincinnati who is grieving. *sigh* … or at least it seems as such …

  2. SueBlue says:

    I would. I still occasionally attend meetings of The Compassionate Friends, a non-sectarian support group for bereaved parents, but even though there is no overtly religious content, the group tends to try to validate every member’s experiences, no matter how superstitious or religious, as part of the grief process. It sometimes gets tedious to have to nod and smile as someone explains how they believe that every incident is a sign that their child is now one of God’s precious angels or is trying to comfort their devastated family in ghost form. I’m an RN, and it’s my opinion that such fantasizing, while it may seem comforting, only delays the actual grief process and the acceptance that your life has changed forever. I would rather focus on constructive, realistic ways to deal with the grief of losing my child.

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