Conditions of Participation provides online space to grieve free of religion and spiritualism.

Religious, spiritual or pseudoscientific content is not permitted anywhere on this site or on the Grief Beyond Belief public Facebook page or closed Facebook group.  Comments that express belief in, or the possibility of, god(s) or life-after-death may be deleted.  “God(s)”  includes any form of higher power or supernatural being or force.  “Life after death” includes heaven, hell, angels, reincarnation, souls, spirits, and “energy” beyond that which can be scientifically measured.  Anyone who repeatedly posts such content will be banned.  Anyone who engages in evangelism, defined as the intentional attempt to spread a religious or spiritual belief, may be banned without warning.

The purpose of this site is to provide mutual support; comments should be compassionate and respectful of other members. If your opinion or experience differs from that of another participant, please describe your own experience or opinion, rather than criticizing those of others. Promotion of a service or product other than that of professional, licensed, secular grief counseling or therapy is not allowed.  Any post or comment that a moderator interprets as harassment, abuse, bigotry or commercial use may be removed without warning and the poster banned.  All secular people are welcome at this site, regardless of how they do or do not identify.

Recovering religionists and those struggling with questions of faith are welcome on this site as long as they respect these conditions, however this is not a debate site and discussion or debate of faith beliefs is not appropriate here.

Each Grief Beyond Belief platform has policies specific to the setting. Religious and spiritual believers are welcome on the public Grief Beyond Belief Facebook page and may register and participate on this site, as long as they follow the  guidelines stated here; exploring the public page and this site are excellent ways of learning more about secular grief. The closed Grief Beyond Belief group on Facebook is open to those grieving a human loved one without belief in any sort of god or afterlife; group policies are in the “Policy” file at the group’s page.


This page provides community space, but not professional grief counseling. If you are in need, please seek counseling or therapy. For a referral to a secular counselor, please visit the Secular Therapist Project at If you are having suicidal thoughts or feelings, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

Resources listed on this site are not sponsored, researched or endorsed by Grief Beyond Belief, nor does Grief Beyond Belief receive any benefit, financial or otherwise from providing these listings.  All services are used at your own risk; Grief Beyond Belief is not responsible for any outcome resulting from usage of services listed on this site.

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