Join the confidential support group on Facebook

The “closed” Grief Beyond Belief Facebook Group was created in 2012 to provide a space in which members of the Grief Beyond Belief community can share grief and comfort in posts and comments that are only visible to other group members; since then, it has grown to well over 2000 members. Unlike the public page, participation is limited to those who are grieving without belief in any sort of deity or afterlife.

GBBGroup is more private and more interactive than the public GBB Page; group members share their day to day struggles with grief, post moving tributes to their loved ones, comfort each other through rational compassion, and often get to know each other quite well.

Because we limit group membership to grieving nonbelievers, we need to communicate with you before adding you to the group. Once you request to join, please check your Facebook Messenger and look under “Settings” (the little gear icon) for “Message Requests” or “Filtered Messages” to see a message from a group moderator to which you must respond to be admitted. Once you are admitted, we encourage you to read the “Policies” file to understand the conditions off participation for the group. We hope you find GBBGroup helpful. Go to Grief Beyond Belief Facebook Group (Click on “Join Group” to request membership.)