Thank You to Everyone Supporting’s Launch

Just like back in June of 2011,when  atheist, Humanist and other secular bloggers stepped up to let people know that Grief Beyond Belief existed, the atheosphere is really doing it’s part to get out the word that Grief Beyond Belief has new resources available here at

hemant.2007Hemant Mehta wrote a short but sweet post on his blog the day we launched.  Since The Friendly Atheist is one of the go-to sites in this community for any kind of news or support, and one of the site’s bloggers, Richard Wade has a history of providing our community with really solid grief-related advice in the past, we are particularly grateful for Hemant’s support.






We also appreciate the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason and Science for letting people know about the launch.

And of course we are grateful to all our friends who tweeted the launch, including @DaylightAtheism‘s Adam Lee whose grief writing helped inspire the founding of Grief Beyond Belief, Sikivu Hutchinson (@sikivuhutch) whose “Angels and Innocents” was one of the first pieces of writing linked-to at Grief Beyond Belief’s Facebook page, and @secularwoman.

Thanks, everyone for helping bring secular grief support to the people who need it.

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