On Food and Comfort

From Grief Beyond Belief member William Farlin Cain’s  blog entry on how providing food for grieving friends can be one of the kindest ways to support them in a time of need and sorrow:

Food is powerful – most people can eat anything you put in front of them, so making them some manner of dish is always going to be possible as a short, simple way of helping out in the short term. They understood that, and they understood that we might just want to indulge and have something over-the-top nice to eat, so they threw in the desserts instead of just the pot roasts, fried chicken, and buckets of mashed potatoes. We needed more than a crutch (and we needed that crutch, don’t get me wrong), we needed -salve- for the wound.

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  1. Nita Grigson says:

    Love my comfort food.

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