Adam Lee on Grief Beyond Belief

Daylight Atheism blogger Adam Lee is also helping spread the word that is available for anyone seeking support and resources.  His insightful post on the evolution of the atheist movement and the work still to be done addresses why secular support is needed by those grieving without belief in God or an afterlife.

…I think we atheists still cede too much ground to religion when it comes to death, especially in the area of comfort and support for the grieving. That’s probably the last redoubt that the churches have: too many people believe that religion has some advantage, some special hope or consolation to offer, when it comes to helping people deal with loss and grief. I believe that atheists can cope with death, but there’s a need for more community and philosophical resources for those of us living under that shadow.

That’s why we should welcome the brand-new relaunch of Grief Beyond Belief, an online community for nonbelievers who’ve experienced grief and loss. In this secular safe space, atheists and freethinkers can mourn, support each other and heal without thoughtless afterlife platitudes, exploitative proselytizing, and other unwanted intrusions of religion.

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